The VOICE Programme (Victims of Intimate Coercive Experience)

The VOICE Programme is a new and exciting programme, written in response to the feedback of victims and practitioners.

The VOICE Programme is a ten-week psycho-educational programme for adults addressing domestic violence, coercive control and the behaviours that create the dynamic of intimate partner relationship abuse. It supports victims to identify the broad spectrum of abusive behaviours, the process of dismantling that a victim goes through and the significant impact of such traumatic experiences.

The main aims of the programme are to address the various behaviours of a controlling partner both in situ and post-separation and to offer relatable psychoeducation on trauma and normal stress responses, enabling victims to learn more about self-regulation and self-care. The programme is committed to weaving in the themes of intersectionality and the additional barriers this presents to victims, theoretic models which help victims to identify where they are at in the cycle or stage of domestic abuse both pre and post-separation and the use of digital technology to further compound abusive dynamics.

The programme is interactive and draws on a variety of different learning styles using discussion, self-reflective exercises, visual media and active participation to generate learning for all participants. This programme can be run successfully online or face to face, in groups or where needed in a one-to-one capacity.

 The programme has been developed mindfully by people with lived experience to meet the need for improved understanding, sharing of current protocol and legislation, and to give practitioners the best chance of supporting the victims with whom they work in a supportive, regulated and trauma informed framework.


Rachel Williams

Rachel is a leading advocate in the campaign against domestic violence. She is a survivor of 18 years of severe domestic abuse and coercive and controlling behaviour which ended in 2011 when her abuser shot her with a sawn off shot gun before hanging himself. 6 weeks later her 16 year old son Jack hung himself due to the trauma of the years of abuse and subsequent shooting of his mother. She survived by the skin of her teeth and now campaigns tirelessly to help other victims and survivors.

Clare Walker

Clare Walker is a Domestic Abuse Consultant with a unique 360-degree insight to domestic abuse, having lived, worked, managed and developed services and practices in it, across the last 30 years. Starting as a volunteer and progressing through; Case Worker, Project Management and national strategic development. The latter was with organisations such as the Department of Health, SCIE (Social Care Institute for Excellence) and the Parental Mental Health & Child Welfare Network.

Cathy Press

Founder of Escape the Trap and, Cathy is a survivor of both teenage and adult relationship abuse. Cathy is a Psychotherapist and Clinical Supervisor specialising in domestic and sexual violence and trauma. Cathy has been delivering domestic abuse training for many years, has developed a programme on intimate partner abuse for young people – Escape the Trap, is also a trainer in the Who’s in Charge? Programme for parents whose children are violent towards them,,  and is launching her first book on intimate partner abuse for young people When Love Bites in April 2022.